H1b Dropbox in different city - CEAC shows no status but passport status shows still with consulate

I filed DS 160 with chennai but could only find a dropbox slot in Hyderabad. Submitted my docs on Jan 28, 2022. Passport tracker (mail to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com) and https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ shows my passport is with embassy (Delivered to Post), but https://ceac.state.gov/ shows my application with “no status” and the case created date is my DS 160 submission date. Which consulate will process my application in this case? Chennai or Hyd? I have my two h1b stamps (3 years each) with employer A and switched jobs to employer B half way thru the second visa timeline and obtained another I797 for 3 years approved with B but I did not get a stamp. B filed an extension until 2023 and that is approved as well. On top of this, my old passport expired last year and so both my visa stamps are on my old passport. I do have an US immigration stamp from last year on my new passport. What are the odds of being called for an in person interview? And if I am, then which city should I be reporting to?

Wait for sometime. Hyderabad is reportedly slow for Dropbox cases.

Case Created date will change when CEAC gets updated with Applicate Received. You took appointment for Hyderabad so it will be processed there.


How long did it take in your case to update the status on CEAC, I am in the same boat

Hi, How much time did it take for the status to show “received”. Its shows “no status” for me.

Hi Babu,

Any update on your case? How long did it take to change to application received?

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I’m in same situation, I submitted my docs in hyderabad and it’s more than a week. Ceac site shows no status. After how long your status got changed. After how many days it’s issued?


Hi, I am in the exactly same boat as yours.
Can you please share what happened to your case?
Its been close to a week, still my status is showing as no status.

Chiming in, I dropped off my docs at Mumbai Center while my interview was in Hyderabad for 10/18. It kept showing no status and finally it showed application received at Hyderabad, a week later on 10/24, case status last update on 10/27 and on 10/30 the case was approved.
To begin with I had to track with location being Mumbai and once they sent it over I had to check with location being Hyderabad.
Good luck. Hope this helps.