H1b dropbox - Refused - Biometrics can be the issue?

I received a refusal status for my H1b renewal dropbox. I am waiting for the 221g letter but I have a special scenario. My previous visa stamping on my previous passport had date of birth 10/10/1986.(same in both Visa and passport).

In the last year, as part of my green card application, I had to correct the DOB to (to match with my DOB certificate), I corrected my DOB in the new passport, i797(applied for amendment), and all the other US and Indian documents to 12/10/1986).

My question is, since I qualified for dropbox, My biometrics was not taken.
Will the difference in DOB be a problem and I can get a 221g for Biometrics? Or lets say if that was not mentioned in the 221g letter and they didn’t recognize this in the 221g letter, Is it advisable to mention that to the officer during the interview ?


@anil_am22 Can I request for your opinion on this ?

Unless, they ask for the explanation, I don’t see any reason for it.

Thank you Anil ! I received my passport with 221g letter. The letter mentions that I need to appear for an interview with Original birth Certificate.

Qn:1. I have the Original birth Certificate issued on 2019 with Apostille stamp from Govt of India external ministry. Do you think there will be any further questions about the DOB change ? I also have the 1-129 petition that was submitted by my employer to amend the DOB and I am carrying that as well

  1. Any other delay that I need to anticipate here ?

  2. Any other documentation I need to carry and I insist to take new biometrics so as to avoid any issue during port of entry ?

Any piece of suggestions you can provide will be really helpful


@anil_am22 Any thoughts ? My interview is in few days. so just thought will collect as much info as possible