H1b dropbox with two active i-797 approvals

Anyone here on same boat or appeared for H1B dropbox with two active i-797 approvals frr same employer (Current and extension with future date)
My previous approved i797 is valid till Aug 1st 2024. And my latest extension approved i797 validity dates are as follows (Aug 2nd 2024 - Jun 2027).My H1B Visa stamp expired in 2022, and while I am planning to go for my visa dropbox in the months of April/May 2024. I have got below question:

  1. While filling DS-160, should I use newly approved I-797 petition number with validity till June 2027 and go for my dropbox appointment in April/May 2024?

  2. In case I get visa stamped till Jun 2027 as per my new approved extension petition, will there be any issue at the port of entry if I travel back to US in the months of April/May 2024? Will I have any issues as my new petition start date is Aug 2nd 2024?

Iā€™m in a similar situation. Did you find an answer?

I called Chennai consulate directly and they said, even extension petitions are subjected to 90-day rule (https://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/en/general-information#faqs. ā†’ Work Visa ā†’ Question 10).

So cannot appear for interview/dropbox outside the 90-days window from new (extension) petition start date.