H1b Extension after i140 approval


I m in need of some clarification.

Currently, I m on h1b and its 6 years is getting completed in June 15 2022 this year, I have used all the unused times. Now, I have the i140 approved.

I know my employer is filing for the extension in the month of April in the normal process, as he is not ready to do any sooner as the client letters are delayed in my situation. Just want to know that filing h1b extension is enough for staying after June 15, 2022 with the decision pending status or I need to get an approved to stay further in US. I m asking this because I have the i140 approved and using it for extension. Please clarify me.Many thanks.

In simple words, do I need to just file the extension with i140 or need to get it approved to stay on?

appreciate your help.

Thank you,