H1b extension - After i94 expiry

My new employer is starting my green card process, but I might hit maxout (March 2023) before PERM gets approved. In this case, I will need to go to India and travel back after PERM/i140 is approved. During this time my employer wont run my payroll, and hence i believe will be out of status, but, i dont think it will affect my PERM process.

Will I be able to apply for extension from India, after the I140 is approved (I94 expired). Should I go to the consulate for stamping, as the extension was applied after i94 expiry?

Note: I have an approved i140 now, but my old employer might revoke it, as its less than 180 days since approved.

Once you leave the US , you are no more in H1B status which means you are not considered out of status. PERM is a future green card job so there is no impact whatsoever.

Only of your current visa is expired at the time you would be traveling back after EOS is approved.

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