H1B Extension after new Rule October 8 2020

Hi Anil…
let me start by saying that you have been great help in responding our queries and very reliable with the information… thank you for all your effort. I really appreciate it.

My scenario-
H1B expiry Date: 03/302021
My location: Chicago
Jobprofile>> Sr Application Analyst (level 2 as per previous extension)
Salary 120K
Degree>> Bachelors in Instrumentation & Control
Education Evaluation says from Trust forte says >> Bachelors of science Degree in Electronic Engineering
I work for full time employer

so am i impacted by this law, if yes, what are my options?
Wait it out or File before Dec08,2020

Thank you

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Everyone is affected by the new rule change.

Its your choice to apply before the new rule starts in Dec.

i am bit confused , few blogs are saying new rule is applied on October 8th and few blogs are saying new rule is effective from Dec08th… from when the new rule is applied.

Also i saw on your twitter profile tht lawsuit is already filed on this rule, so historically how long it takes for court to provide a stay order on this rule, if they decide to go that route.

H1B wage rule has started on Oct 8.

H1B specialty occupation, 1 yr approval for third party worksite is scheduled to start on Dec 7.

Thank you Anil.
Last followup question, if i work for non-profit employer… will it make any difference and where (what site) i can check, what should be minimum for my SOC code , city and employer combination.

this video provides good information about the new H1B visa updates. Must watch

You can use am22tech’s H1b wage level app to find your current wage level and how much will be needed for extension.