H1B extension filed at Nebraska service centre on 20-Dec-2018

My H1B extension is pending at Nebraska service centre. Receipt dt 20-Dec-2018. Is there any chance of it getting approved by this month i.e. March end?


Was your H1B extension directly filed at Nebraska or transferred from California to Nebraska?

Hi Anil. Thanks for your prompt response. It was directly filed at Nebraska. I requested my company to go for premium but they don’t want to do premium. What are my chances of it getting approved by this month end? If not, when can I expect the approval.

As per my estimate you can expect your H1B approval by April 2019 3rd week end.

Thank you so much. Also would you know when will USCIS start premium processing for new H1B transfers?

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No news about H1B premium processing re-opening at this time.

I will update the forum as well as out H1B Premium processing tracking page once I hear something.

Thanks Anil. You are doing a noble job for our whole H1B community.

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Hi Anil. You were spot-on. As per your estimation, I got my approval this morning. Thanks a lot!

Hi @donphxsam

I am glad my estimation helped you.
Congratulations and have a good day.

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hi Anil,
I saw that my extension is approved in dhs website; this was on 18/April. However till now my company has not received my approval notice. Does it take this long? It was in normal processing; not premium. Thanks.

It can take 7-21 days to receive the paper copy of H1B approval notice. Do not worry.

ok, thanks Anil. Do you also discuss Australian Immigration?

Yes, i do discuss Australia immigration.
Please ask in Australia Immigration category.