H1b extension held in extended review

Hi Anil,
My H1b extension is filed in premium processing. Attorney checked with USCIS after one month of filing and said that case is in “Extended Review” status.
My question is generally how long does it take to clear Extended Review status? What are the other ways to follow up?
FYI- My i94 is expiring January 2020.

Thank you.

Extended review generally means that USCIS has probably sent your application for security checks. There is no fixed time for completion of these checks.

It can take months or even more than year. You can stay and work in US until 240 days after i94 expiry.

Are there any general kinds of security checks ? When can I raise a SR ?

You can raise an SR anytime as your case has been filed with premium processing but it won’t result in any useful answer.

USCIS will simply reply with standard message that you have already received.

Thanks for your response , Anil !

Hi Anil,
Sorry for bumping in but i have a question on the above, when you say he can work till 240 days completion.

Is there anyway he can file a New application before I94 expiry ie Jan 2020?

Just like bridge case to the present one and work on it till he get an answer on the second application?

Just curious, might be there is a chance getting the bridge case if we lose the first one. Right?

Hi @Dee1

Some attorneys do suggest to file a new extension + amendment towards the end of 240 day period to hep the employee continue working even after 240 days.

I have not heard of any bad effects of this and it seems the strategy does work fine.

Thanks Anil
What if the first extension gets denied while the bridge case is still in progress.
Does it mean the work visa is completely denied and leave the country right away when we get denial notice for extension? Or stay continue work as we have the second application going on and wait for the result?

The denial situation is pretty serious especially if your i94 has expired. I would suggest to leave US on denial and wait for pending extension result outside US.

Thanks Anil.
This is helpful

Hi Anil ,
What are the chances of approval in such status ? What are the general issues for which extended review status is given ?

Hi @Aish

Chances of approval are good if it is only a security check that’s being conducted.

There is no information available on why these kind of reviews are issued.

You can talk to your attorney to know more as they have detailed information about your specific case.

Thanks Anil. Is there any way to expedite my case with USCIS?

You case is already under premium processing. There is no other expedite option available.