H1b extension - I797B consular processing - No reason provided

Had applied H1b extension while in US with an approved I140 with the same employer in Oct 2020.
H1b extension was filed well before I94 expiry. No maintenance of status issue in past.
I-129 shows approved on USCIS page as of 19th Jan 2021. Petition approved but extension of status denied.
Employer received I797B with consular processing with no I94 attached.
Employer is saying USCIS did not provide any reason for why this case was sent for consular processing.
USCIS I797B notice received clearly says they will provide a reason for this determination.
Has anyone faced such issue where USCIS sent I797B instead of I797A and did not send notice explaining the reason?

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@anil_am22 Employer is saying USCIS has not sent any reason for consular processing. Employer asking to travel back to India for stamping (which is being done from our side) as I94 has expired and saying no point in contesting the decision. Given consulates are still not operating fully in India, should we file NPT to ask for reason of this determination in parallel?

You can contest the decision but i would suggest to go out and get visa stamp to avoid any further loss of time.

@anil_am22 went out of US and waiting in India now for appointment. Employer shared I129 filed for extension and we see that under ‘H classification Supplement of I129’ employer filed only 1 record in period of stay 2011- till date. In reality there are multiple entry exit dates and all pervious I797 and I94 (along with detailed entry exit) were shared with employer. Always maintained status and followed all USCIS rules properly during period of stay. Not sure now how much this employer mistake is going to affect. Employer still insisting that they did not receive USCIS document to explain reason for I797B.

@S17R2021 Can you provide an update on your case? We are in exactly your situation

@findingsolace went to India, got visa stamped in dropbox and returned to US. Nothing additional was asked by consular section in India.

Hi @S17R2021
I am on a same boat now… petition approved on a 1st mar 2022 with i797B and employer asking to leave country to get stamping done…

In my case I have approved transfer petition from company B on 12th Jan 2022 with i797A and i94 issued with validity till 2024 which was approved before my extension petition received i797B.

I have a confusion to join in company B from 1st March 2022 to avoid stamping on my company A petition(i797B). I didn’t join in company B as I was for waiting for company A decision.
Getting different responses from attorneys.

Could you please provide your thoughts on the below queries

  1. If I have to get stamping done. In what period I have to leave US?
  2. Can I simply resign the company A and join Company B as I have i797 A and valid i94?
  3. Will it be a drop box even if we get consular processing?