H1B Extension Premium Processing timeline include Weekend

Do you have any idea that Premium processing 15 days timeline includes weekend? Today I reached 15 days timeline including weekend but yet to get any response from California Service Center.
There are multiple forums giving different opinion like 15 days means 15 business days or 15 calendar days.

H1B premium processing gets result in straight 15 calendar days including holidays and weekends.

Calendar days means counting weekends too.

You can see it directly on USCIS website.

Are you sure you are counting correctly? What is the receipt date mentioned on USCIS case status website and on the premium processing receipt notice? You have to count days from the date printed on receipt notice.

On the Receipt Notice it mentioned
Received Date : 05/08/2019
Notice Date : 05/09/2019

Is it the premium service receipt notice date?

yes it is.
in the USCIS site it mentioned ‘On May 9, 2019, we received your Form I-129’

I think your start date is 9 May then. You should get some result by 15th day.


How long does H1B extension in premium processing take, they say 15 days.
Is it 15 calendar days ( including weekend) or 15 business days ( excluding weekend).


Hi @musaveer_h

Your question has been answered above. Please read.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: … I will track the dates to 15 calendar days.