H1B Extension receipt number not received - Filed in Premium processing

my h1b extension filled in PP on july 23 2019
Delivered to uscis on july 24 2019
I’m waiting for the receipt number very badly as my i797 and i94 will expire on Aug 1st 2019.
if i get the receipt notice in next 2days im in safe zone, but if not i will be out of status.
what if i receive the receipt notice after i94 expiry?
what is the current time line to get the receipt from uscis nebraska for PP?
Thank you!

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Hi @vaus

Check with your employer or their attorney as H1b premium applications receive receipt number within 1 day by email.
You should have got the receipt number by now.

Thank you Anil!

My H1B extension and amendment PP case was wrongly filed in VSC instead of NSC on July 24th 2019. USCIS returned the petition as not properly filed after 2 weeks on Aug 9th my employer re-submitted it to the correct service center on same day i.e Aug 9th 2019, recevied the receipt number on Aug 12th later got RFE on Aug 19th.
I have the below queries
- My i797 and i94 both got expired on 1st Aug 2019, H1b extn notice date is as Aug 9th 2019, though i got the recepit number but notice date is after i94 expiry date, does it make me out of status?
- If my h1b extn notice date is before i94 expiry i can continue my work and run paycheck till i get the decision on h1b extn or atleast for 240 days as per the rule BUT in my case, Can i continue my work and run paycheck till i get h1b extn decision?

Hi @vaus

Ok…so now, you know the reason of why USCIS did not respond within 15 days. Right?

As per my opinion, you should not work in US as your extension application was filed after your i94 expiry. Most probably, USCIS will approve it with consular processing (if they approve it).

Hi Vaus,
What you have done in your case for getting receipt notice after i94expiry.can you please explain.
I have filled extension in the last week and waiting for receipt notice.My i94 expiry is March20