H1b extension - went on cruise to bahamas - i94 not updated - Any issue?

Can someone help me with this situation?
I am planning to apply for H1 extension soon. recently 2 weeks ago I visited Bahamas on a cruise. My passport has not been stamped with exit and entry at the port of entry. My i-94 on the USCIS website doesn’t show my latest arrival from the cruise.
While filing the h1 application extension ( h4 application / h4 ead for my spouse ) should I ever mention my last entry from the cruise or is it not needed? I am confused.

Appreciate your help.


Can some one help answering this question?

Did you pass through any CBP immigration check at Bahamas or in USA while returning from Bahamas?

Check your travel history on CBP website and not USCIS.

Thank you for responding.

I did not pass through any CBP immigration check before leaving or entering. It was closed loop cruise and stayed in bahamas for less than 8 hours.

In travel history it shows the departure but it doesn’t show arrived.


Hi @anil_am22

Can you help me answering this?