H1B H4 and H4EAD filing concurrently in same package

I am filing H1B and H4 extension. I am adding H4EAD renewal I-765 form in the same package.
Following are my questions:

  1. Question 29 in I-756 to provide “provide the receipt number of your H1B spouse’s most recent I-797”, should we keep blank, or add expiring i-797 number or file “Filing Concurrently”? Because I would not have new renewed I-797 number yet as filing all three in same package.
  2. If H1 and H4 get approved for extension and H4EAD is not received by that H4 EAD is expired, can we get automatic extension of 180 days? Does valid H4 I-94 means new approved H4’s I-797 ?

Your help is highly appreciated


It clearly states “provide most recent I-797” meaning the current valid H1B I-797.

To be eligible for H4 EAD auto-extension, the H4 I-94 needs to be valid. I-94 is attached to the H4 extension of status approval notice ( I-797). I-94 governs your status.

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