H1b i797 new petition ,while form 221g is pending - how to send new extension approval?

Hi Amit,

Kindly help …My 797 validity is expired after waiting 3 month for 221g.
Now my company is going to file cap exempt H1B ext for same company client and location.
Suppose If H1B ext is approved in premium then

1- can I go for stamping while current 221g is pending ? OR
2-if I will go they will give AGAIN 221g since for same company ,client and location one 221g is pending ?
3- OR Only I can go for stamping when 180 day passed for 221g processing

Thanks much.

Hi @Dinesh_M

US embassy will ask you to submit new extension approval once they are ready with a decision on your current pending H1B visa stamping.

There is no need to file a new request for visa stamp at this time. Just file the extension in premium and get the approval from USCIS.

The form 221g again with new visa application depends on what has been requested in current form 221g. The chances are high that you will again get it of you file a new application.

Thanks Anil but this is cap exempt H1B new petition ( though same client and location)
so please clarify here point by point as I heard (may be wrong) every petition is independent and not related to any pending /221g petition … so

  1. Shall I go for stamping/drop box with this new approval Or should i wait for 180 day ?
  2. is this true they will complete my security verification (221g) in 180 days ?

Hi @Dinesh_M

I have clearly answered the process as per my best knowledge.

It is upto you to believe it or not. You can take an attorney’s advice to get second opinion.

There is no fixed time for completing security check. There is no such 180 day period either.

Ok Thanks much always … FYI in 221g they did not ask any document to submit …just fingerprint … also I do not have any crime history even not a single FIR anywhere … just one speedy ticket in USA and i paid fine timely. …
When I asked 221g update from delhi consulate I got below response … Is this is related to security verification or this is generic response of embassy in case 221g ?

Your application was refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for administrative processing. U.S. immigration law requires that additional steps be completed in some cases before a file can be advanced for adjudicative review. National security is our top priority when adjudicating visa applications. Every prospective traveler to the United States undergoes extensive security screening. Every visa decision is a national security decision, and every prospective traveler to the United States undergoes extensive security screening.

Hi @Dinesh_M

This is a generic message and is sent to everyone who has got form 221g.

Each application goes through security check and you are not alone.

Don’t worry. If visa officer had to deny your application, they would have done it right away.

The fact that they are verifying some details means that they are working on your case and will approve it once they are able to verify everything.

Thanks much Sir ,…

So since my I 797 is expired so if I will withdraw my 221g application and going again for stamping with new H1b cap exemp 797 then chances will be good or atleast there will be no bad impact as no 221g will be pending ? what you will advise Sir ?

Hi @Dinesh_M

I cannot explain anymore than what i have already answered. You are asking the same exact Question everyday.

This is a free platform to ask genuine Questions and we should value each other’s time.

My 221g is in process from many months now. Problem is that the current H1B petition validity is about to expire. Does that make the ongoing 221g invalid by default? Or do i have to wait till 221g decision is out for doing an extension/renewal of the petition? This was my first Visa interview on that petition.