H1b interview with 221g white slip


I had h1b interview in Chennai on march 30 I got 221 g white slip stating to get client letter and contract agreement and in white slip they mentioned to email as well physically submit those documents along with passport do I need to do both stuff like send docs by email as well physically what are my chances here since they asked passport to be submitted along with docs ??

I would do whatever I have been asked by the consulate to get my visa. So if they said both, do both, period.

If the consular officer have everything they need to approve your visa, you will get it.


How many days I can expect issued if I submit docs mentioned and also since they asked passport physically the chances are good and soon ?

Generally it takes 1 to 3 weeks to get the stamped passport back.

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My employer will not provide those docs directly to me instead they said they will send through vendor to vac center will that be fine

You will need to check with your employer to gain more clarity on how the document submission process will work if they send it directly to VAC as it needs to be accompanied with your passport and copy of 221g.

Hi Kalpesh thanks for response employer said they will collect my passport and 221g slip and then vendor will deposit all docs and passport in VAC center will that be fine or authorisation letter is required

Whoever submits will need their ID to be presented to VAC.