H1B kept on Hold due to NIE and 221g is given

I did attend the interview for my H1B visa at Mumbai consulate on June 15,2021.

The VO told that I am not eligible for NIE so he is keeping my visa on hold and 221g white form is given asking to wait for an email from president proclamation.

But, When I checked the status of my application it says refused. Right now I am in real tough situation and not sure what next action item whether I would go with new application or wait for the email.

I tried to reach customer care and they ask me to wait for an email and not sure about the ETA for that.
Did anyone in this forum faced/facing the similar issue

Any inputs are really helpful

The status ‘refused’ is normal for form 221g admin processing. There is no need to worry.

Your visa application is active and they will issue visa once travel ban is lifted.


Hi @Jaswanth ,

Had you provided any justification/ documentation for NIE eligibility during Visa interview ?


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I did give present the NIE letter from my employer

Would you mind sharing what type of work you do that was mentioned for requesting NIE?

I work in financial sector. I work on payment securitys

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Hi Jaswanth,

Did you get any update ? I was on the same boat . Attended interview on July 7

No update yet. Still waiting on it

Hi Jaswanth, I am also in same boat, but i went with Dropbox option to same Mumbai consulate. Given same white slip and written until travel ban lifted. Could you please give me your contact number to keep in touch or call me on +91 9515221178.

Hi Jaswanth,

do you mind sharing NIE letter provided by your employer to my email id : sivakasigothram@gmail.com

can you also share to me ramjava1015@gmail.com as i am also on similar boat

Have you get your visa?
I am also on same boat. I went for interview today in Mumbai.

Nope didn’t get. It’s been more than 3 months and tried to followup but there is only single answer wait for the travel ban to lift

Same situation received 221g white slip in June since then no update still showing in refused state…not sure whether to follow the process again or not