H1b location change with 2 LCA’s filed

Hi All,
My h1 transfer got approved with 2 LCA’s filed for both Florida and texas location. I’m a full time work from home employee working for a direct client without any employer. After approval I have moved from Florida to texas in June 2022 and started to work from home. I’m interested to move back to Florida from May 2023 and want to work from there. I don’t have any intention to come back again to Texas. Can you pls let me know whether I’m i legally allowed to move to florida to continue my work ? Do I need to file any H1b amendment or it’s not required?


As far as your LCA has the address you will be working from, no issues. When you relocate if your MSA is different then your current address in the LCA, you will need to file H1B amendment.

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