H1B lottery eligibility for FY -2023

I was in USA from May2015 to May2021 with holding H1B visa.
H1B max out date in June 2021 and moved out of USA in May2021.
I have applied for FY-2023 H1B lottery and got selected. I got the lottery selection confirmation notice from my Employer.
My Question:
I didn’t completed 365 days cooling period till. Am I eligible to proceed with H1B filling for FY-2023. If yes, when we need to file the petition.

The petition filing for the first lottery will start 1st April and end 30th June.

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Could you please confirm on the eligibility?

As per my understanding, you should be eligible in the 2024 lottery (March 2023) however technically you will cross one year before you are able to enter the US on 1st October 2022.

Check your with employer’s immigration lawyer.