H1b maintenance of status RFE for paystubs - old Employer did not pay for 2 weeks

I94 expired on Aug 31st 2019.
Joined new employer on May 19th 2019. Case received by USCIS on May 1st in normal processing.
On December 18th we got a RFE on maintenance of status.

Previous employer paid last salary 3 months later and mentioned the pay period as Aug 1st to Aug 31st. Now we have two paystubs for the month of Aug and no paystub for the period May 1st to 17th. Previous employer denied to correct paystub.

We just have relieving letter. Please help us on how to go ahead on this and reply for RFE.

Hi @Poonam_Vagale

I don’t know of a way to correct this situation. The paystub should have been generated for all the time you were working with them.