H1B moving work location within same MSA - How to update address?

I am on H-1B , with i140 approved. I have moved to a new work location address with in same MSA (less than 50 miles).

Do I need to update my address in H-1b petition ? in LCA ? and in i140 approved petition too ?

What is the procedure to update address in all these 3 places.

You need to post the new LCA at new location if you are changing work location within same MSA.

If there is no material change in your H1B job details, then there is no H1B amendment is required.

i140 may also need a change based on what all has changed in your job.

Hello Anil,

My attorney is suggesting that I have to “post” same old LCA (with old work location address) at new address, since it’s just work location address change with in same MSA (metropolitan statistical area) and less than 50 miles between old and new addresses.

Is this true and as per rules?

I was reading on USCIS website and found this article :slight_smile (it’s 2015 article and archived)

Do as your attorney advises.