H1b never activated, approved in 2017 - any chance of reviving it? Also, any H1b 2023 second lottery chance?

Hi Anil,
I have an approved H1B from 2017 that was never activated (since I was on O-1 at that time). Is there a way that if potential employer can “transfer” it OR if not transfer, then they can at least file a “cap exempt” application and revive it? I am in California, so not sure which center it goes for H1B (not sure if it matters too), but want to know if there is any way to get this H1B revived since its not past 6 years yet.
Also, want to ask if there is any chance for second lottery for H1B 2023? I didnt get selected from last 5 years including this year.
Any advice/guidance will be much appreciated. Really find your forum very helpful in past and now.
Thank you,