H1b new delhi consulate refused with 221g blue slip


I attended my dropbox visa on may4 at new delhi vac and submitted i-797, employment verification letter, client letter(not asked but still submitted),passport. Received mail to pickup passport on may12th. Along with passport received a letter to attend interview.Oline status is refused.

Attended interview on May17, VO asked about job duties, current job location and current employer information, when did this current employment start.Asked if I have any previous visa issues, why did I change employer, previous employer job locations, where did i do my masters. Issued 221g kept passport said they will contact if more info needed.

Received mail to pick up passport on May20, along with received list of documents.

Asked to submit, End client letter, master services agreement, employer notarized list of employees where they work their salaries, employer’s last 2years tax document , my resume, my certificates, my lca, I-797,I-129, cover letter submitted to DHs.

While reviewing this with attorney I sent them all docs I submitted to embassy. He thinks the problem is my End client letter.

I work for X company whose job position location is VA,this client is acquired by Y company last year and it provides client letters to all employees. So my client letter head is on Y company and job location is its head quarters address in MA. however on the letter they mentioned my manager to whom i work under X company.
So the PIMS database have all infomation like LCA, I-129 etc of X company with VA location and my client letter is Y company with MA location, which might have created this confusion (these are our strong belief where everything might have gone wrong).

We sent all docs asked on the slip, we provided new client letter which explains relationship of X and Y companies,additionally provided some acquisition docs too.

I sent all my docs to mail id as guided on the letter through email on June14th I also received acknowledge after the mail. It’s been a week and on CEAC website if I track my application Id it shows last updated on May17 and status is “Refused”.

On the day of filling my DS160 I missed to add one employer(1st job in usa) as I was not able to add employers after adding 3. not sure if that is a glitch or normal. However I added this employer to my resume while submitting. worried if this will create another flag :frowning:

Due to a lot of bigger commitments like house closing and end of current lease with an 1 year old baby here, i am feeling super stressed and worried what would have happened to my case. Trying to understand how long it may take and if this is normal way of processing at Delhi VAC.

Please guide and help.

First off, do not worry. It takes some time but is approved. There website say’s 180 days is the standard time for 221g processing.
I was also in the same boat. It was US embassy in Nepal. Attended interview on Jan 14th, 22. They took my passport and said will reach out in case anything. After some 15 days they emailed me to submit bunch of docs. Like holiday apporval evidence, client and employer agreement letter, remote working approval, paystubs.

My scenario was, i was working with employer X and client A at California. My new employer was Y and the cleint B was in Texas. Since the project was remote , i worked from CA and planned to return to California after stamping.

I submmitted end client letter and paystubs on Feb 10th via email and explaiend in email that due to covid restrictions i am still in California and will return to Texas when the cleint place opens up.

I wated till March end there was no communication. So i planned to send the hard documents to see if they do something. So i went ahead and submitted the hard copies as well along with 221g slip. Two weeks after the submission of hard copies of requested document they called me and asked me to submit my passport as soon as possible. I submutted the passport next day and i got my stamped visa within a week time.

It depends on the consualte. 221g cases are like bunch of files on the VOs tables. They look into them when they get some time off their regular interview schedule.