H1B Passport returned with 221g white slip asking for court documents from Chennai consulate

I dropped my documents on Jan 24,2023. My passport returned on Feb 6,2023 with White Slip asking to submit Court Documents including FINAL DISPOSITION and any related supporting documents and was not asked to submit passport. My arrest is Criminal Trespassing 3rd degree. My Case was dismissed. I ordered certified Court Documents and I submitted them on Feb 9, 2023. I mentioned as ā€˜Nā€™ for any previous arrests query in DS160. I am worried on what the decision gonna be? If anyone has faced the similar issue please share your thoughts.

I recieved an email from Chennai consulate today with another 221G. This time asking me to appear for interview on 27 Apr 2023 with passport and also to bring court documents. I was wondering why they would ask me to get same documents which I have already submitted.

@anil_am22 Do you have any clue on whats going on behind the scenes in my situation? Please respond

They probably just want to interview you face to face since you did not mention about arrest on DS160 form.

No need to worry if the offence was minor. You should get the visa after interview.

@anil_am22 Thanks for the reply.
ok got it. I was wondering why the interview date is too far? Most of the people are being asked for Interview with in a month.


Hi Anil,

Like I mentioned earlier that I was asked to attend interview on 27th Apr 2023.
Today, As of 21 Apr 2023 I see the Case Last updated changed. Is it common for a case to get updated even after the interview was scheduled?

Appreciate your help !!

@anil_am22 My Visa was approved. Consular Officer Suggested that I must mention Yes to DS160 question and approved my Visa.

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