H1b petition number update under my mexico appointment booking system profile

I have my H1B visa interview coming up in Mexico. Got a quick question about it, When I first booked my visa appointment in 2022, I used my old petition number. I changed the jobs and When I tried to update it with a new petition number under my appointment confirmation profile, it wouldn’t let me. However when I submitted my DS-160 I used the latest information including the new petition number, employer details etc. I already sent an email to the support team for correction. In case they don’t do it before my travel, Any idea if this can be corrected at the ASC appointment (the one for fingerprints prior to actual visa interview) in person? I am carrying all my previous petitions with me. Will I be fine or should I be concerned? Thank you for suggestions!

In India, one can successfully update any information when they go for ten printing. I am not sure about Mexico. Your DS 160 should have all latest info. Carry confirmation of old and new DS160 as well as other docs. I think you will be fine.

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Updated DS160 is allowed in Mexico also. No issues.

Thank you @anil_am22 and @Diwedy I was able to attend the visa interview in Mexico City successfully. I asked to update the petition number in visa booking website (https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-mx/niv/users/sign_in) under my profile at the ASC appointment (fingerprinting) but they said its not required as long as the DS-160 has all the latest information (my ds-160 has all the latest information) also they asked to just show the new H1b (I-797) at the visa interview and I did the same and no issues for me.

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