H1B Picked & Laid off by employer - H1B Transfer before approval?

My H1 application is picked (not yet approved) but was laid off due to COVID situation. But my employer is willing to transfer the H1 Pick to the new employer. Is this possible before approval if the old and new employer agrees to the transfer?

As per my information, the transfer is not possible unless the H1B has been first approved.

6.6 million un employment in US and would expect few millions more in coming weeks so situation definitely not looking good for h1b candidates and does not matter if it s new Or existing one

My wife’s H1 got picked. Next day she was let go from the job.

Thanks for info… it was really helpful

Hi all, I am a journalist writing about h1b visas being affected by the coronavirus. I think this is an important story. Sriram, do you have some time to chat? Please let me know. I’d be grateful for your time. priya@theinformation.com