H1B Premium Processing - Questions & Answers

Hi Anil,

I need some information about the H1B premium processing. I read your information and I had some doubt about it. Some of my friends said that USCIS has stopped all premium processing including non cap also, Is that true?

I got new offer 02/03/2020 and they’ve started my visa transfer process.
Here I got stucked

  1. The new company has applied my LCA on 02/20/2020 and still not yet certified and I contacted to immigration team and they were saying that DOL taking long time to certify it these days and it’s been more than 3 weeks. Is that happening all LCA cases recent days? . Usually DOL takes 7 to 10 business to certify the LCA.

I cant check my LCA status in DOL web site because they’ve stopped on March 1st for public access.
Can you suggest your opinion?

Thulasi Jeet

USCIS has announced H1B premium suspension for all types of H1B applications on Mar 20, 2020.

I am not sure how your friends knew it 2 days ahead. They may have super powers or some contacts in USCIS.

Anyways, the LCA is taking more time these days due to Coronavirus closures everywhere.

Today I saw this news and I also got surprised:). Thanks for your reply.
Its very stressful. I don’t know when USCIS will resume the PP.
Hopefully it will open soon (many of them got stuck with visa processing)


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I am wondering whether premium process will be opened or not. I heard (not sure) that PP is not an option for this year. Do you have any idea about that?

H1B premium processing is suspended at this time and there is no confirmed date of reopening.

I expect it to be reopened by end of June 2020.


I had my H1 cap except applied premium on January and got RFE on Feb 7th

The RFE responded on April 14. There is no decision yet. It’s saying RFE doc received

Could you please confirm is there a chance USCIS would convert it as normal processing because RFE responded after USCIS announcement that they no longer processing premium?

Hi @favcker1

I have not heard of any case yet where they converted premium case to regular.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta

Wondering why no decision even after 15 days of RFE response. USCIS site says they got RFE doc on April 14 and they are working on it

Any insights ?

Your employer can email USCIS on premium email address to check the reason behind delay. I do not know why it is delayed.

Normally, the premium processing delays only if USCIS is waiting for ‘security checks’ on your case. But, this is too early to say if your case falls in that category.

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Hi ,H1 extension after i40 approved(2015) in January (premium processing) but got rfe and rfe submiited on 22nd April now waiting for result.

Does USCIS doing premium processing for cases those got accepted in Jan as a premium.

If you had filed application using Premium processing in Jan, your application RFE will be processed in premium.

Yes ,i filed H1 B extention in premium processing and rfe response submitted on 22nd April but no response yet.Its more then 15 days…Did you heard these type of case like Premium processing taking overtime…:blush: Thanks .

Hi, Did you heard back from USCIS about your case?Because i am also on same boat.

Not yet. My attorney said he raised a service request with USCIS to know what exactly the issue . Waiting for that

Is USCIS suspended premium processing for H1B renewal because of COVID 19?

Hi @cnshah02

H1B premium processing is currently suspended.

Hello @Anil.Gupta,

In the article, you have mentioned the following:
Starting June 15, 2020 - All H-1B extensions, transfers, amendments, COS, I-129 filed after June 8, 2020.

On the USCIS site, for June 15 date, there is an eligibility clause stating that either the employer should be cap-exempt or the beneficiary should be cap-exempt based on a Conrad/IGA waiver under INA section 214(l).

For all the general H-1B transfers (for candidates who do not fall under Conrad/IGA waiver category), my understanding is that they would be eligible for premium processing from June 22. Is this correct?

@Anil.Gupta, just wanted to follow up on my previous question. Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct?