H1b renewal denied

On Aug 25 2023 we filed a i129 petition for H1B renewal
On Jan 25 2024 we received the approval notice (i797C).
On jan 30 NOID status was updated in the uscis case tracker.
On feb 8 we received a i797 A with i94 extension until 2026 .
On march 20 2024 we received a denial letter stating the i129 petition is denied since we didn’t respond to NOID.My attorney says that my employer has not received the NOID notice.

Am i considered out of status since my h1 b extension i129 petition is denied?

Seems like an error on USCIS side.

Did your attorney contact USCIS for a resolution?

If the H1B has indeed been denied, then you will be out of status

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My attorney did contact them but no reply from them. How early should i leave the country and can i file a new petition because my i94 expired on sep30 2023