H1B - RFE response time


Currently i am in india - H1B Out of cap got initiated and it submitted on Jan 23 2019 then it went RFE on March 2019 - then we submitted RFE response at May 23 2019 then to now no response - it almost near 55 days over - still now no response ,can you please suggest how much time i need to wait…?

Hi @Bala_Murugan_N_K

RFE response processing is taking average of 70+ days at this time.

what type RFE is yours, mine also response submitted on May 31 and no response from there

My H1B was initiated on Sep 12 2018, RFE submitted on Apr 12. Still waiting for the result from Vermont…Its going to be 1 year.

After 11 months wait, My H1B was approved on Aug 20 2019 from Vermont center.
H1B was initiated on Sep 12 2018, RFE raised on Jan 22 2019; RFE submitted on Apr 12 2019.

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