H1b RFE response under premium processing

Hello there,

I filled my H1b under premium processing. I got RFE in May and submitted response 28 days ago but I did not get any response, attorney raised service request but still no response.
Can anyone in this situation, responses are appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi @H1b_2019

H1B premium processing always gets response within 15 days. Your attorney would have got some email from USCIS for the current status.

Check with them. It is possible that another RFE may have been issued.

What is the current status shown online on USCIS website?


I did check with attorney, they did not receive anything after response sent.

current status is “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received” .

Hi @H1b_2019

Your attorney has access to USCIS premium email service. They can email and ask for status.

My h1b was filled with client A and selected in lottery , now project with client A was closed. I got RFE on employer - employee relationship , now i am unable to get client letter and SOW.

Is there any alternative documents that help in responding on RFE for employer - employee relationship ? And If I change client now and respond back, what are the chances of approval please suggest.

Hi @Sandeep1

You have to provide the documents that have been asked by USCIS. There is no other way.

If you change the client now, you need to file an H1B Amendment whose chances of approval are low and your first lottery application is still pending.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
I got RFE under h1b Premium processing, In how many days I have to revert for RFE?

Hi @Automation_hunter

USCIS gives the time limit in their RFE detail letter. It may vary between 60-90 days based on the documents requested for your case.