H1B stamping (221g) is pending, i797 about to expire - File New H1b Ext

Kindly help …

My H1B stamping (221g) is pending and I-797 going to expire on Dec 30 …

Please help with

1- will revoking this stamping will be good as there is no sense to wait after Dec once I-797 validity expiring …

2- My employer ready to file H1B ext again in Jan 2020 , will this cause any issue as 221g will be pending or revoked ?

3- any better way to get H1b ext ?

Kindly give input …Thanks in advance …

Hi @Dinesh_M

What has been asked in form 221g?

Just finger print. Also they return my passport too.

You should file a new extension and get it approved.

Hopefully, US embassy will approve your visa stamp before the end of current i797 as the form 221g is only for fingerprints.

Extension is sent to USCIS and should not be affected by form 221g for fingerprints.

Thanks much Sir …really you helping a lot to all of us.