H1b Stamping queries


I am in USA on H1b and looking for visa stamping in India.
In my case i have submitted DS 160 and got stamping date for November 2022 with my last employer . Now i have changed my employer so what should i do now .
Should recreate everything and get a new date or i can use the same date with my last DS 160 with previous employer .
I am asking this question because the dates are not available during that period and i have booked ticket also .

Just update your DS160 if its less than 30 days you submitted DS160 . If more than 30 days, just fill out a new DS160 and carry both the old and new to the dropbox appointment .

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Hello ,

I booked the dropbox appointment and I am able to see an appointment confirmation page. But in the appointment confirmation page, I observed that the Appointment Made By showed a different name than me.
On the appointment confirmation page, I can see below the correct info like the Applicant’s name, passport details, no. of applicants, visa class etc.
Except below appointment made by (who book this appointment): xyz
I hope this will not affect my visa or dropbox appointment.
Kindly assist

Not sure why it would show someone else’s name rather than the applicant, though I dont think it will create any issue.
Call VFS and see what they have to say.


@kolsac I am in the similar shoes. Did it cause any issue in your case?