H1B stamping Toronto, 221g processing with no slip


I recently just graduated from my master’s in the US earlier this summer. I’m returning back to my cap-exempt H1B (3rd time going back to H1B). My USCIS H1B petition was approved after Specialty occupation RFE. I booked an appointment in Toronto since it’s closer to the US instead of my home country (Nigeria). This is my 5th time getting a visa (F1 and H1B visas) from US embassies in Canada.

My H1B interview was at the Consulate in Toronto end of September. The interview went smoothly (normal basic questions) and I got a verbal approval.

After almost 2 weeks, I got an email from the FPU (Fraud Prevention Unit) to come in for another interview end of October.

The second interview conducted by 3 officers was extensive and took almost 2 hours. I was asked all types of questions: background, finance, degree, occupation.

It’s been over 2 weeks since my second interview (7 weeks since my original interview), and my case is still undergoing administrative processing under 221(g) (I got a generic response from my email to the embassy). My online status hasn’t been updated since the first week of October. This is the first time ever going through 221(g) processing. I also didn’t receive any 221(g) slip (nor was I asked to submit any document) at either interview and my passport was never returned. I will be working for a very large consulting firm in the US but not in the EVC model.

Has anyone had this type of situation before especially with the second interview? and what does it mean?
What to expect next in terms of timing and/or approval?
Any advice in this situation?

I have now been in Toronto, unplanned for over 7 weeks and missed numerous start date at work.

Hi @yykkH1B

In similar kind of situations with second interview, i have seen that approval chances are high.

Its just a matter of time and US embassy is probably just verifying your background data at this time.

They have increased background checks for all visa stampings and you are not alone.

The fact that they have kept your passport is a good sign.

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Thank you @Anil.Gupta. Fingers crossed.


@Anil.Gupta I still haven’t heard anything back from the Embassy and still no status update online since Oct. 7th.

Can I ask the embassy for my passport back (to travel back to Nigeria for a family function) without it affecting my processing and I’ll return the passport back once the processing is done and ready for stamping?

You can request your passport back as it is your property. US embassy will return it.

You can submit it later whenever they are ready with a decision on your application.

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I got an email on Dec 10th to submit my submit your passport for visa issuance (even though the already had my passport). Emailed to clear the confusion and picked up my passport with visa on Dec 12.

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Hi @yykkH1B Please can you send me an email dexploic@gmail.com. I have some questions.
Thanks, bro