H1b stamping with arrest record

I was arrested for “Class 1 misdemeanor” 9 years ago - misdemeanor Larceny and possession of stolen goods of item worth <$600. I picked up an item that was on the floor and got arrested next day for the same. Returned the item and got case dismissed “VD”. what are the chances of getting a VISA? what about the chances of getting into US at the POE? My immigration attorney thinks i qualify for the petty offense exception. But, also said they might deny the visa if i admitted to the crime? i am confused on what my chances are? I have an emergency at home and have to go to india. please if someone can suggest or help!

The final decision is taken by the visa officer.

I think you will get the visa approval as the case was dismissed. They might ask you to submit certified copies of dismissal records.

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