H1b to h4 and then back to h1

Hello . I am currently on h1b and have h1b approved till 2027 and i140 approved 9th year. However i need to travel back to india and work from india for sometime to take care of my father. While i travel to india i will continue to work for the same employer in their india office. While i work from india my wife and daughter will continue to be in usa (my wife has approved h1). i want to apply for a h4 /b1b2 visa to be able to travel to usa to visit my wife/ daughter . Now when my work in india is done lets say after 1.5 year and i am ready to travel back to usa on h1b to start working for the same employer in usa, what do i need to do. Can i just go for consular processing with the approved and valid I797 ?