H1b to h4 cos during 60 days grace and back to h1b

Hi Anil/ Anyone in this situation,
Need your advice.

Lost job and in 60 days grace period a month ago. Applying for h1b to h4 though my spouse employer. If i find a job now, can I just do h1b transfer to new employer and just withdraw the CoS application later? Please let me know if this correct understanding. Also have plans to visit india June if the new h1b is approved by that time, I can return with old h1b stamp which is valid till next year right ? Or if that is not the case I can get the h4 stamp with my spouse h1b and come back right ? Thanks for the help

You should be able to withdraw H4 COS once H1B is approved.

You can use any valid visa stamp in passport to enter the US as long as it is valid on the date of entry.

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