H1B to H4 / EAD


Me and wife are on H1B right now. I have 140 approved and my wife got her H1 approved in Jan 2022.

We are planning to move her into H4 EAD to enable her to set up a business. Wanted to know the process and timelines for doing this.

  1. We can apply for H1B to H4(COS) + EAD. Did anyone do this recently and what is the timeline for approval?
  2. Does H4 and EAD get approved together? Or will there be a delay? if there is, she might lost her employment once COS is approved and wait for the EAD.
  3. Also if this happens, she would have used only 2 years of her H1. Can she move back to h1b in the future?

The processing time depends on the USCIS center processing the H4/EAD.


It hardly gets approved at the same time.

Yes, another COS from H4 to H1B.

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