H1B Transfer - 60 day grace period


I had few queries / doubts regarding my H-1B transfer

Current situation as below

  1. H-1B Visa (Company A) on passport and I-94 (website/portal) valid till Feb-2022
  2. Company A filed my H-1B extension in Jan-2022 and got approval with I-94 attached to I-797 till Feb-2025
  3. Resigned from Company A and last working day is May 6th 2022

As of today, May 1st

  1. Accepted offer from Company B and provided required documents. They would be filing H-1B transfer (not yet started) in premium processing
  2. In parallel will be filing for H4 COS to be on safer side to be in “period of authorized stay”

My question

  1. Will Company B be able to file for H-1B transfer considering my last day of employment is very close May 6th ? Asking this if Company A withdraws my H-1B, will that cause an issue ?

  2. Can 60 day grace period be valid if I have I-94 (Feb-2025) attached to I-797 from Company A although it is reflecting past date on website Feb-2022 ?

Appreciate your response


Latest I-94 (extension of status) will govern your status. Online I-94 is only issued at the time you enter in the US.

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