H1B Transfer - 60 day grace period

I was let go on Aug 11 2023. My 60 day grace period ends on Oct 10 2023. I currently have employer A which has filed my H1b petition which has reached USCIS on 28th September. I am joining employer A on 2nd October on Fedex Receipt. I got an offer from another employer B.

Can employer B file for H1B after 60 day period? Should I notify Employer B about the Employer A Petition?

If the employer A petition gets approved , do I need to revise my details provided for employer B?

Do I have to wait for the results of petition from Employer A before filing a petition from employer B? Can two petitions be filed back to back (in 2 week window) for H1B Transfer?

I am interested in joining employer B.

Thank you

You will need employer A to recover from the 60 day grace period.

Also, employer B will ask for proof of status (payroll stubs) to prove that you reactivated the H1B within 60 day grace period.

You can file multiple h1B transfers. That’s not an issue.