H1B transfer before first stamping

I got selected in H1B 2020 lottery and the petition was approved in Aug’2020. But have not gone for stamping. Due to Covid lockdowns in 2020, new H1B stamping was stopped. Meanwhile, I came to US in 2021 to do my Master’s. I have completed two semesters. Can I now change my status to H1B by doing a H1B transfer to a new employer now or should I wait till I complete my Master’s.? I have around 8 years of software work experience. Once my H1B transfer is complete, I am planning to do my Masters in part-time without affecting my work.

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest to finish your masters first. This will give you opt to work. During that duration you can talk to any employer and check if you are eligible for H1B out of cap. (meaning you don’t have to go thru lottery). Either way you will have multiple choice.

You are right. OPT will give me additional time. But since I already have approved H1B petition, and because of my past work experience, I think I can get a job through an employer(Desi consultancy) without having to wait to complete my Master’s( will take another 8 months to complete). But is it possible to do H1B transfer before having the initial H1B stamp?

I think it is possible. Check with the consulting firm if they are ready.

thanks for your response.