H1B transfer denied but i94 is valid, can i go back to old Employer?

Hi ,

My H1B transfer denied today and waiting for the denial reason. my I94 is still valid untill sep 2020. what are all other options i have now.

i am not sure my Employer A revoked my VISA or not (i can see the Employer A petition with Case was Approved status). if they havent revoked my visa, can i just re-join, or does they need to to any paperwork?

Also, My employer B can file another transfer since my I94 is valid? they are saying they can file another transfer. Please help.

You can go back to work for your old employer if they have not revoked it yet.

Your current employer can file a new H1B transfer but you should not work for them until it is approved to be on safe side.

Thanks Anil. my new employer is saying, they can file new H1B transfer and i can work on receipt number again. Please suggest.

Also, does my Old employer need to do any paper work or i can just go back and work?

If your employer is okay with you working, then you can work at your own risk.

You can just simply go back to work with your old employer.

I have an approved and stamped Visa from Emp A till end of 2021(same i 94 validity).
Emp B filed a H1B Transfer and it went to RFE, even if it is denied later am I still in status ?
Also within how many days can the Emp B refile a new H1 petition ?
if Emp B is not allowed/willing how many days do I have to find a new employer(Emp C) to file H1 transfer ? to stay in status?