H1B Transfer Denied moved to Older employer any violation?

A person works for company B on H1B Portability and after 11 months, H1B transfer gets denied then he goes back to Older employer A where H1B was not revoked …and Older i797 and I-94 were valid for future date…(Dormant H1B),…and did not go out of country for stamping, gets a H1B extension in 2019 with Older employer And in OCT 2020 files I-485 AOS with EB3 Downgrade and gets EAD card and eb3 I-140 approved ,now waiting for I-485 adjudication…is there any any status violation?

Why this question now? :slight_smile: If you were in any violation USCIS wont have approved your H1B EOS with employer A, or AOS EAD or I-140 EB3 downgrade, right?

I think you are all set!

Did you ever travel outside the USA and re-entered using an H1B visa after 2009?

Hi Sir,

First H1B entry at 2006
Back to India in 2009 for few months.(for months)
Re entered in October 2009…and moved to Employer A current employer in 2011.
After H1B denial in 2017 …never went out of USA…started working on unrevoked H1B visa…and got extn in 2019…

Not sure why some Attorney say I did not do any status violation and some say otherwise…at every step …i am following Atorney sugggestions…in 2017 …due to some personall resons did not go out of the country …(Rahul Reddy said I can use graceperiod or and with in I-94 validity meaning not any violation…45 days no pay stub is lessthan six months period…)…i am confused.Even now different answers I get…

Hi Sir,

waiting for your reply…

Its difficult to suggest anything as I am not sure what kind of violation might have happened unless we study the whole sequence of events in detail.

Hi Anil,

Can you help in evaluation and how to approach youmI hconsulted different lawyers …I heard different openions…