H1B transfer full time position with client - notice explaining USCIS action was mailed

Hi I have a question what does “notice explaining USCIS action was mailed“ mean in this case“ when an employee is planning to change his employer and moving to that same end client by transferring his H1b”.


Sorry, i don’t understand what you mean by ‘planning’?

Have you already filed H1B Transfer or just planning?

Please share the actual scenario in detail if you want any meaningful answer.

Yes I already filed H1B transfer petition. Since I have been working with the client as contractor since 10yrs now and recently I have been offered a FT position with the client. So the client started the immigration process and during this process, I recently received a notice saying ‘Notice explaining USCIS actions was mailed’. I’m really worried now what it could be and what does this mean.

Thanks in advance and appreciate your help. Will be waiting for your response.


This is a a general status and it could mean either approval or an RFE.

You will have to wait till you get the official USCIS letter.

Hello Anil,

Thank you for the response. Are there any chances if this could be NOID or a Denial? This ‘notice explaining USCIS actions was mailed’ is really confusing and makes me nervous.

Thanks again and appreciate all your prompt responses.


As I said, it could be anything. I don’t want to make any wild guess.

I do not think that it is NOID.


I recently also got this status update from USCIS case tracking website.
What did your notice turn out to be?
Greatly appreciate your help if you’d share some information.


Hi Anil.Gupta

I’ve replied my first RFE in Feb 20 and now got the exact same update from USCIS.
Do you happen to know how the online status update will be for NOID? Does it spell out word-by-word NOID was mailed? Or some other status exclusive to NOID?

Appreciate your help!

Hi @chejw

It could be another RFE or an approval or a NOID.

I can’t really say unless you have more information.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your reply! Will keep you posted if anything happens.

Hi Anil,

While I’m still waiting for the actual notice from USCIS, there’s one question pops up. Hope you shed some light for me.

Previously I worked for Employer A under H1B from 2015-2019 (extended in 2018 with I-94 valid thru 2021). Due to biz downturn, they laid me off and sent the termination letter to USCIS on 9/13/19. USCIS revoked my second H1B in December.

Meanwhile, I used up my 60-day grace period and submitted COS to B2 on 11/10/19. Employer B submitted H1B on 1/20/2020. USCIS did question about my status on the 1st RFE - in the letter, they said my status expired in Sept. 2018. So I supplied my previous two I-797A for H1B and the I-539 COS to B2 in the response. We replied RFE on 2/16.

On 2/13/20, USCIS approved my COS to B2 case, valid from 2/13-5/3.

So my question - if they issue a NOID, will my B2 status right now affect their decision to validate my intent to apply for a H1B. Because my B2 was recently approved, some people say we shouldn’t change to other status w/n 60 days.

Employer A revoked my 2nd H1B - does it affect my legal status counting from 2018 - 2019? Once they revoked, does it mean my stay in US during 18 & 19 was illegal?

Sorry for the long message, as I hope to give you all the details.

Appreciate your help!

Hi @chejw. I just got the same update from USCIS today after replying to a RFE in December. What message did you end up receiving? Is it a NOID? Thank you!

Hi Ann, unfortunately, it was a NOID for me.
They asked for more evidence to prove I’m a full time employee hired by my employer.
Luckily, they approved my response 3 days within I mailed to the Texas office.

Wish you luck

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Hi, I got RFE for H1B petition on August’20 and had to travel to India in Aug’20 due to medical emergency. I came back in November’20 and submitted the RFE response in the hope that when I am in US, I would qualify for Change of Status else it could be denied. Few days ago, I got to see status of my case as “Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed”.
Could this mean that USCIS is looking for further RFE/NOID to assess the candidature or it could be due to change in travel/arrival date in US that affects Change of Status application?
Any help in this regard is appreciated.