H1B Transfer On Grace Period(COS-H4 To H1B)

Hi @anil_am22,

I got H1B through COS(H4 to H1B) one month back and currently I am on grace period. Now i got a full time opportunity with one organization.
Is it possible to transfer my H1B to new organization as i dont have pay stubs?

Is it a first time H1B (through lottery?).
Its a tough case to prove as they may or may not accept the usage of grace period immediately.

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Thanks for your response @anil_am22
Yes, its first time H1B.
Do we have any options to transfer my H1B to another employer please.


Could you please respond. How can we do H1B Transfer if we got newly H1B through COS? What are the options we have please.

What do you mean by grace period? Is there a grace period at all?

Did you not work on H1B? If yes, why wont you have paystubs? Unless you can prove an active H1B employment, you cant do H1B change of employer petition aka H1B transfer.

The other option is to have another H1B employer file a cap-exempt petition based on already approved H1B and see if USCIS will approve it with consular processing.

Meanwhile you also need to consider that you dont fall out of status so plan on getting back to H4 status. Consult an immigration lawyer and follow their advice.

Thanks for your response @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

I got H1B- COS through Consultancy and they are trying out for a project in grace period(60 days).So they didn’t run the pay slip as of now.
Meanwhile I got a full time opportunity. Is there any possible options to transfer my H1B through COS please?