H1b transfer question

Hello Anil,

My H1B transfer is in progress from Company A to Company B. It got a RFE and company B is yet to respond to RFE. We have travel plans coming up in November.

I have H1b Stamping from company A and is valid until 2025. I have NOT started working for company B yet. I said I will join company B after the transfer is successful.

With the RFE and upcoming travel, I informed company B that I will be joining them once we are back from trip and they agreed to it.

Questions: Im looking at 2 scenarios

  1. My H1B transfer is still pending — can I re-enter USA with Company A’s visa stamp?
  2. My H1b transfer gets approved just before my travel or when I’m outside USA - can I still use company A’s visa stamping to re-enter ? ( Im not sure if company B is going to share I797 in timely manner. Also, my joining date in company B is set to end of December once I’m back)

Also, my wife is working on H4 EAD with valid stamping until 2025. Can she travel and re-enter without any issues in the above scenarios? Can she continue to work with existing EAD card ?

Could you please advice.

Thank you.