H1B Transfer without entering USA

My H1B visa got stamped few months back. However, I am in bench and have not travelled to US till now. Is it possible to apply for jobs in US directly and apply for H1B transfer without even entering USA once?

And also will there be a problem if I travel to USA 6 months after my visa has been stamped?

Yes. Technically the new employer will file a new cap-exempt H1B petition as you are not in the US. For someone already in the US, new employer can file ‘change of employer’ (aka transfer) petition.

No issues. Visa is just a travel document and one can use it to travel till its expiry.


Thanks Kalpesh. This helps.

One more question, let’s say new employer applies for cap-exempt H1B petition and I got through as well. Do I have to book interview slot and appear for in person interview again?

No need as you already have visa and if you travel while it is still valid.

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Alright. Thanks a lot