H1b transferred but staying with current employer


I got offer from a new employer and visa transfer has been complete and received an approved i797, now due to some personal reasons i donot want to move to this new employer. Can I continue my work with the current employer on the old i797 as I haven’t yet joined the new company. Do I have to inform my current employer for filing new I129. Will there be an issue when my current employer files for an extension next year. Kindly advise

Mrudula, you don’t necessarily have to inform your current employer about the transfer. You can request the individuals who filed for your transfer to withdraw it and ensure that your current employer doesn’t do the same.

I am not sure if the employer who filed h1b transfer is going to withdraw it. What are other options I have?

It doesn’t matter if it withdraws it or not. If you decided not to join them, just disregard it. Nothing to worry about it.

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