H1b validity after petition expired


My previous H1b petition expired in march 21, 2020. My H1b stat date was 1 October 2015. So I still have 1.5 years left on my 6 years approved h1 if new h1transfer/extension is filed. Atpresent im in India. In future will I be able to use remaining 1.5 years left if my new company wants to utilise it. Or say after 3 years unused I will have to apply with fresh H1b lottery.


Any H1B employer can file cap-exempt H1B for you and claim the unused period from the 6 year H1B term, no time limit.

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Thank you.since I am out of US more than year now will it not reset my 6 year period and I will have to go to new lottery.

Not unless you exhausted the 6 years term, which you haven’t per the info you provided.

My h 1 petition was until 4.5 years I have not used 6! Years. In that case I can stay in India more than a year and come back using same 6 yr quota. Hanks.

I meant to say you haven’t.