H1B visa after staying in USA on 240 day extension after I-94 expiry date

I am posting to see if someone has been in similar position as mine.I have been working in USA on L1 visa with admin until date in december 2021. The lawyers of my employer filed for extension of my visa before this date. I continued to work and stay in USA based on 240 day extension automatically triggered by timely filing extension petition 6.7 Extensions of Stay for Other Nonimmigrant Categories | USCIS

In April 2022’s H1B visa lottery, my application was selected and petition approved. My previous L1 extension petition filed always remained pending until was withdrawn after I left USA to appear for H1B interview.

Visa officer during H1b visa interview indicated that I have overstayed my visa and put my application in administrative processing and requested additional documents to support my case, and returned my passport. I have provided them and now waiting for result.

I am working with lawyers of my employer too, but if anyone is familiar with such situation or if anyone as any recommendation on next steps, please share.