H1b visa appointment in INdia - Oct 3rd/4th 2023


I have a OFC & Consular appointment in Chennai scheduled in October 3/4th 2023 and i have decided to not to go for it as i have not travelled from USA to India due to postponing of my travel plans to June 2024. Also, the us visa scheduling calendar shows appointment only till November 2023 and slots for next June 2024 is not open now.

I already have reached maximum no. of times i can reschedule the appointment and the us visa site shows that i have been left with 1 more time for rescheduling. After receiving this warning message, I have 2 options - Either attend the appointment or cancel it. If i cancel the appointment, the fee payment will become invalid and i will have to pay a new fee in order to book a new appointment. If i fail to attend either the VAC or Consular appointment, i will be marked as a “no-show”.

SO, i contacted the US visa help desk. They offer the solution for my case is " become a no show for biometric appointment and hence my consular appointment will be cancelled. the no show will be updated by end of the day and the receipt will be reactivated within 24 hours. After that i can try to reschedule my appointment whenever the slots for June 2024 is open.

Do the above solution of no shows will not create any impact in the future on the approval of H1b visa?

@anil_am22 can you please help here by throwing your insights on this and valuable suggestions?

Kind regards,

No impact with ‘no show’. That’s how they handle it!

I would have hoped for a better solution from them but that’s the only one they offer.

Thanks Anil! As always you help every one to the best of your availability. :blush::+1: