H1b visa drop box after H1b extension denial and then H1b transfer approval

Hi ,
My first h1b issue date is from 22 Feb 2017 to 29 Aug 2019. With this visa, I traveled on July 13 2017.
We filed extension in July 2019 in premium and got denied Oct 16 2019. we received the denied letter on Oct 23 2019 and traveled immediately on Oct 30 2019 to India.

New employer filed my H1b on Nov 1 2019 and got approved on Nov 21 2019.

My question is am i eligible for drop box including h4 dependents?

please suggest me

Thanks for your support

Hi @Ramya_M

You have to check if you are eligible for dropbox using this page.

H1B extension denial should not affect your dropbox eligibility as it is petition denial and not visa denial.